MFL 2020 Launch!

Hello, my name is Chris.
MFL was launched back in 2012, by a friend named Justin Escalona.
I was a writer for this blog, along with some other cool people. We loved it, we were young and had a passion for sharing, listening, and appreciating music. Unfortunately, sometime in 2013 the site went active, due to our lives just getting busier, and focusing on other things. In 2015 I hit up Justin and acquired all rights/assets to MFL. I wanted to bring it back to life, and had so many ideas, but just never pulled the trigger. I am 22 now, and my love for music still remains. I wanted to construct something to operate in the music scene, and after long thoughts & scrapped ideas, I came across all the MFL files. Here we are, 2020. I hope you guys stick around, and enjoy our content!



Justin & I, few years after MFL launched.

MFL Forever.