Mayo – Twisted (feat. Bobby Grant)


Mayo is an upcoming rapper from the suburbs of Chicago. In 2012, he released his first major project titled, “Dream Big”. It performed above average and was featured on many “big” blogs. Mayo is currently working on his sophomore mixtape titled, “The Most Known Nobody”. He is apart of Crownless Kings Music Group which is composed of him and his fellow friend, Alex Jordahl. They have been rapping together all the way from the start. Many of their tracks feature each other on them. This track features another artist from the Chicagoland area named Bobby Grant. Mayo is currently off in college in Indiana on a scholarship for sports. He has openly stated that he won’t let that stop him and his musical aspirations.

This track, “Twisted” is a noticeable change in Mayo’s typical style. He slows it down and shows his romantic side of him. This is the type of song you’d like to play while you’re about to make love with your girlfriend haha. It’s such a soothing track that makes me just want to lay down and think. When Mayo first played this track for me, I was caught off guard and my initial reaction was, “whoa… shit, this doesn’t sound like you.” Bobby Grant hopped on the chorus and I’m impressed. I’ve heard from the grapevine that he was a lowkey dope singer, and this track definately does him justice. Last night, I used this song to fall asleep, and I fell asleep like a baby. Good job Mayo, make Chi-Town proud!