Wiz Khalifa – Real Rappers Rap

Listen to this new Wiz Khalifa track.

The T.G.O.D. leader decides to return to the scene today, and share his first song of 2020 called “Real Rappers Rap,” which is accompanied with a new video.

Check out the new video release below, Directed by Ace of LA.
You should roll one up first though.



MFL 2020 Launch!

Hello, my name is Chris.
MFL was launched back in 2012, by a friend named Justin Escalona.
I was a writer for this blog, along with some other cool people. We loved it, we were young and had a passion for sharing, listening, and appreciating music. Unfortunately, sometime in 2013 the site went active, due to our lives just getting busier, and focusing on other things. In 2015 I hit up Justin and acquired all rights/assets to MFL. I wanted to bring it back to life, and had so many ideas, but just never pulled the trigger. I am 22 now, and my love for music still remains. I wanted to construct something to operate in the music scene, and after long thoughts & scrapped ideas, I came across all the MFL files. Here we are, 2020. I hope you guys stick around, and enjoy our content!



Justin & I, few years after MFL launched.

MFL Forever.